George recording Jungle Rot in his Highlandtown apartment, 1973




George at home today, still rocking out on his SG.  A true fan will note one of George's favorite LPs at the bottom corner--Trout Mask Replica! 













At the age of 18, George Brigman started recording his first LP when the self-taught guitarist had been playing for less than a year.  That LP is the now classic Jungle Rot, an in your face homemade slab of fierce, blazing rock'n'roll that despite the primitive recording drowned in echo still has fans worldwide paying hundreds of dollars for original copies. European interest was so great that the LP was booted on vinyl and CD, not once, but at least 4 times! George's Blowin Smoke 45 2 years later served up more sweaty boogie backed with a funky jazz instro. Unfortunately due to creative conflicts, Brigman's band Split would split, but not before they were able to record George's incendiary second LP I Can Hear the Ants Dancin'.

Sadly due to many reasons, which included the murder of Mitchell Myers, George's close friend and new bassist, the material remained unreleased until 1982. Finally the material was released and this time the primitive sound was replaced by a sharp and defined sonic wail, no doubt due to George's mastery of a number of very unusual stomp boxes as well as some amazing interplay with second guitarist Chuck Westerman. Further recordings would sneak out every few years like the Silent Bones EP, a tribute to his friend and bassist, Mitchell Myers, and the great Human Scrawl Vagabond LP from the Netherlands.

 Now the renewed interest in George's material caused by unwelcome European boots (again) has resulted in the legal reissue of much of George's recorded output as yet another generation finds George Brigman to be a guitar hero of the highest order. Not merely a player, tho he is quite a player, but also a crafter of songs that transcend boundaries and genres and defy classification. Call him psych, call him progressive, call him punk, king of stoner rock, whatever, but his music is so much more than all that. It's vital, it's alive and it burns with the fire of true genius and timeless rock and roll. 

Finally in March of 2007, George released Rags in Skull his first all new work in 25 years.  Its a stunning work and it's obvious George was not content to rest on his laurels as Rags is a complex masterpiece!  George's guitar has never sounded better and both his songwriting and vocals have matured in a good way. His heavy guitar onslaught continues unabated though thats only one element of Brigman's unique sound!  Give this one a listen and you wont be dissappointed!



George Brigman Discography


Jungle Rot (Solid 1975)

--(Anopheles 2005, remastered clear vinyl exact repro)

I Can Hear The Ants Dancin' (Solid, 1982) 300 copy cassette

---(Or, 1995) 1225 vinyl LPs

Human Scrawl Vagabond (Resonance, Netherlands, 1986)


Compilation track:

My Cherie on The Train to Disaster LP (Bona Fide, 1983)



Blowin Smoke/Drifting (Solid, 1977)--as Split                           

Silent Bones 5 song EP (Bona Fide, 1985)

Blowin' Smoke/Drifting w/PS (Solid/Bona Fide, 2007)  500 copy numbered and signed 30th anniversary sleeve with 77 pressing     


Rags in Skull (Bona Fide 2007)

I Can Hear the Ants Dancin' (Bona Fide, 2005)                                

--an expanded ants that includes 10 more tracks from 77-82            

Jungle Rot (Bona Fide, 2005)                                                                  

--includes 3 extra tracks from the pre-Split band Hogwash

Cherrystones Word (Poptones, UK, 2006)

--compilation which includes George's song Blowin Smoke