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Welcome to our new redesigned site!  Check out our merchandise page where all currently available and fully authorized releases may be ordered direct from our site, and you will find download links as well.  George continues to work on new material as more and more fans are discovering his latest release Rags in Skull and the powerful tunes it contains.  Check out "Some of My Best Friends are Snakes" on our home page player and see what has the folks talking about his new work!

Bona Fide Records is pleased to mark the 30th anniversary of the release of George's only 45 with a special 500 copy numbered and signed edition with a brand new sleeve featuring unpublished photos!

These 45s are the last remaining copies of the original pressing from 1977, rescued from George's closet where they've been for 30 years!

This is your chance to own a bona fide Brigman original in a signed sleeve, a true piece of rock and roll history.  Together with George's new Rags In Skull CD, a perfect pair that shows George's astonishing rock and roll stands the test of time!  

   Blowin' Smoke 45 $10 postpaid USA   

   Blowin Smoke 45 $14 rest of world        

   Special--Rags in Skull CD and Blowin'
   Smoke 45 $20 postpaid USA                

   Special--Rags in Skull CD and Blowin
   Smoke 45.  $25 postpaid rest of world  

   If you have any questions, send us an email!



George Brigman featured in Penguin Books' Rough Guide!
In Nigel Williamson's recent  Rough Guide: The Best Music You Never Heard, Brigman has been selected as a "musical splendor off the beaten path," as his music is described as an "unusual mix of blues-rock intensity and DIY punk agggresion."  Williamson also makes notes of George's primitive heavy metal, ferocious, acid-rock soloing, and general belligerence as well as the comparisons to current bands like the White Stripes.  Thanks again to the Brits for appreciating George's body of work and placing him in with some fine company, like Sun Ra, Bob Dylan, the Monks, Joe Meek, Gong, Albert Ayler, and Nick Drake, to name a few.

George Brigman has defiantly reemerged in the spotlight with the release of the Rags in Skull CD , an 11 track recording of all new material that showcases George's amazing gutitar and songs in a recording that will defintely blow some minds some 32 years after George's infamous Jungle Rot LP!  Heavy psychedelia never sounded so fresh and vital and George's guitar never ceases to amaze whether it be on firey scorchers or wistful ballads.  The culmination  of years of work has resulted in a stunning LP showing Brigman is not content to rest on his laurels, but indeed he has crafted his masterwork dipped in bone crunching sound that never lets up! For a detailed track by track rundown by George's bass player, John Spokus, click
HERE ! Rags In Skull is a fitting showcase for more of George's fiery fretwork and unique songwriting.  Check out the pounding "Some of My Best Friends Are Snakes" playing right now on our Home Page.


Here's what a couple reviewers had to say about George's Rags In Skull:


Roctober Magazine writes "Timeless, dynamic, powerful guitar rock...What's most amazing is that this 2007 recording is as otherworldy and weird and unplaceable (is this from the 60s? 70s? 1800s?) as any of his classic material.  This is a true rock artist!


Ron Bally writes in Harp:  "Baltimore cult guitarist George Brigman returns with his first new recordings in more than a quarter century, revisiting the same heavy, psychedelic blues-rock of his 1975 underground masterpiece Jungle Rot.... Brigman’s pissed-off, soaring voice and unyielding six-string weapon cuts loose with unpredictable, heavy-duty riffs that obliterate present-day stoner-rock bands."


James Toth writng in Your Flesh Mag says "His Fred Cole-like dedication to an aesthetic would be noble enough even if the album didn’t rock so mightily, but rock it does. In short, Rags in Skull is everything The Stooges’ bogus ‘reunion’ album should have been but wasn’t, and very near the top of a relatively short list of essential 2007 releases thus far. " 


Gregory Conner writing in Tufts Daily seemed to agree, "Brigman sounds totally stuck in the '70s on this album, but still manages to let loose, heavyweight hard rock riffs that knock out present day contenders...when you find yourself at the end of Brigman's tour through his torn up and dragged down world, you find yourself only wanting to go back down for more."   Click on the mags names to read the full reviews!  

At this time, this release is available on US CD only!  We may do vinyl on this if the demand warrants.

Welcome to the first official site dedicated to the music of George Brigman, the Baltimore guitarist whose amazing psychedelic punk acid blues boogie has made his recordings of the last 30 years highly sought after.  Finally Bona Fide Records is making available on CD his two seminal works from the 70s, the infamous Jungle Rot as well as the followup I Can Hear the Ants Dancin.  Both are deluxe editions with vintage unpublished color photos, new notes, and great unreleased cuts!  They are both painstakingly remastered from the master tapes and deliver glorious bone-crunching sound in a way that only George can!

In addition to those two fine Bona Fide CDs and the Anopheles vinyl issue of  Jungle Rot, we have  the first all new George Brigman LP in over 20 years, Rags in Skull, just released.  Also,  the swell Poptones label in the UK  issued the Cherrystones Word comp which features George's "Blowin Smoke"--the original scorching rock and roller from the amazing I Can Heat the Ants Dancin CD.  Our hats go off to DJ Cherrystones who sandwiched the Brigman cut between kindred spirits, Dead Moon and Mick Farren's Deviants!  Too bad Poptones died a premature death! 


The I  Can Hear the Ants Dancin CD and the Jungle Rot CDs are available now at fine stores worldwide.  If you wish to hear clips of all the songs, click  to link to our  CD Baby pages  where you can hear samples of every song, buy the CDs, and even post a review!


Our CDs are available direct from Bona Fide Records, PO Box 185, Red Lion PA 17356 for $14 postpaid in the USA. Pa residents add 6% sales tax

  Overseas and Canada please email or write for a quote or order from CD Baby. Dealer inquiries invited.

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The  Jungle Rot CD features 3 bonus tracks from George's band from 1976, Hogwash, and features stunning sound that recaptures the spit and fire of the original recording that was lost when the original LP was poorly mastered!  Act fast if you want this, as we only have a handful left!


The Jungle Rot CD is soon going out of print so get it while you can!  Anopheles Records of San Francisco has done an exact vinyl repro of the original LP, again with greatly improved sound and pressing quality! The vinyl LP is now sold out at the source and we recommend you track this down if you dont have one already!